·     Zoos play an important role in wildlife conservation

·   They can help to protect endangered species

·   Zoos allow scientists to study animals and their behavior

·   Zoos are educational, interesting and fun

·   Children,in particular, enjoy learning about animals

·   Zoos provide job opportunities



·      Zoo animals are kept in artificial environments

·   They are kept in cages or have limited space

·   Zoo animals rely on humans

·   They lose the freedom to hunt for food

·   The best way to save endangered species is by protecting natural habitats

·   Some people believe that zoos are unethical

·   Zoo exhibits animals with the aim of making money

·   We have no right to use animals for entertainment and profit

Explanation of Coherent Body Paragraphs:

On the one hand,let us consider the positives/benefits of Zoos. Firstly, zoological gardens play an indispensable role in wildlife conservation since they help to protect the endangered animals who are on the verge of the extinction. Secondly, zoos allow scientists to study animals and their behavior which can aid/help in producing medicines in order to cure the hazardous ailments. Scientists, for example, can produce pain relieving medicine by studying black mamba snake. Another benefit of zoological park is that they are educational, interesting and fun especially for children as off-springs enjoy learning about animals. Also,visiting zoos help dwellers to get a break from monotonous and mundane routine as well as to alleviate the stress.

On the other hand,let us consider the disadvantages of zoos. To set in, animals in zoos are kept in artificial environments as they are kept in cages which have limited space. Owing to this, they lose their natural instinct such as the freedom of hunting.The second con is that zoos are considered unethical. Due to the reason that zoos exhibit or sometimes exploits animals with the aim of earning money. Some people have the perspective that using animals for the purpose of earning money and entertainment is against humanity.

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