·      Gases such as carbon dioxide trap heat from the sun

·      This causes global temperatures to rise

·      This process is known as the greenhouse effect

·      Human activity is a major factor in the rise of the greenhouse gases

·      Factories and vehicles produce emissions and exhaust fumes

·      Many developing countries are becoming industrialized

·      The number of cars on our streets is growing

·      Cheap air travel is allowing more people to fly



·      Governments could introduce laws to limit emissions from factories

·      They should invest in renewable energy from solar, wind or water power

·      They could impose “green taxes” on drivers and airlines companies

·      Government campaigns should promote recycling

·      Natural areas and wild animals should be protected

·      We should take fewer flights to abroad for holidays

·      We should take public transport rather than driving

·      We should choose products with less packaging

·      We should recycle as much as possible

Explanation of Coherent Body Paragraphs:

On the one hand,let us consider the reasons which are responsible for increasing global warming. Firstly, many developing countries are becoming industrialized. Increasing number of factories pave the way for numerous environmental perils such as noise pollution, air pollution, water pollution. Besides this, industrialization not only gives birth to soil degradation but the peril of deforestation also stems from this. Secondly, sky-rocketing bumper to bumper traffic congestion on the roads and in sky is also accountable for rising global warming. Owing to the reason that individuals are able to purchase automobiles at affordable prices as well as aviation industries provide pocket-friendly packages and schemes for people to fly.

On the other hand, let us consider the feasible solutions in order to tackle this problem. First of all, sustainable development should be promoted by authorities. This can be done with the aid of awareness campaigns and making strict rules and regulations.In other words, government could introduce laws to limit emissions from factories as well as they could impose green taxes on drivers and airlines companies. Another solution is that government ought to ameliorate the transportation amenities. For example, the facility of separate bicycle lanes can be constructed or number and frequency of buses and trains should be increased. As a result, residents would be encouraged to use mass transit or ride bicycle hassle-free instead of using private transportation. Thirdly, rather than relying on non-renewable resources like fossil fuels, coal, electricity, government should promote the use of renewable energy resources: wind power, solar power, tidal energy and so forth.


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