Talk about a place where you like to study

You should say:

  • Which place it?
  • Where is it?
  • How often do you go there?
  • And explain why do you like to go there? 

  1. Well, I would like to start by saying that studying at the same place sometimes become monotonous and mundane
  2. Therefore, I love to study at different places to break this monotony
  3. There are many places where I love to study such as park, cafe, friend’s house etcetera. 
  4. But here I would like to talk about a place which provides perfect study ambiance.
  5. It is a library which is situated in the heart of my city (or you can mention any place). 
  6. I usually visit this library at least once a week and during exams I spend most of my time there only. 
  7. Well, there are number of reasons why this is a great place for students. 
  8. First of all, this library has all the amenities for students to study uninterruptedly as the staff maintains pin drop silence round the clock
  9. Apart from that, the infrastructure of the library is amazing
  10. I mean the library is a triple storey building with all modern facilities including air conditioning, advanced computer lab etcetera. 
  11. Furthermore, the library has a world class sitting arrangement. All the furniture is modern and of sophisticated quality
  12. What else I can say, the library has a big collection of books from all walks of our life and all the books are kept in apple pie order
  13. In fact, at reception, you can find different newspapers and magazines too. 
  14. Talking more, the membership fee of the library is very affordable. Therefore, everyone loves to become a member of this place. 
  15. The main feature of this library is that they organize group discussions on various topics for the prime members of the library which are usually conducted on weekends. 
  16. In these group discussions, students discuss various burning questions of the day
  17. Personally, I have been a member of this library for the last 2 years and whatever study habits I have inculcated is due to this place only. 
  18. To cut the long story short, this library is the perfect place to study and I think such place is the need of the hour in every city or village. 


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