·     Some schools separate students according to their academic ability

·     Teachers can work at the right speed for their students

·     Teachers can plan more suitable lessons

·     High-level groups may progress faster

·     Lower level groups can benefit from a slower pace

·     Some teachers and parents support streaming for these reasons


·     Grouping by ability may have a negative impact on students

·     Children do not want to be seen as less intelligent than others

·     Streaming could damage student’s self esteem

·     They may lose motivation

·     Students from wealthier families tend to be better prepared

·     Children from poorer families may receive less support from parents

·     Mixed ability classes encourage everyone to achieve their potential

Explanation of Coherent Body Paragraphs:

On the one hand, let us consider the advantages of streaming. Firstly, separating students according to their academic abilities can prove to be less stressful for the slow learners while at the same time, high-level groups may progress faster. Owing to the reason that teachers can plan suitable and appropriate lessons for lower level groups. Besides this, quick learners can not only be benefited by immersing themselves in group discussions with high level academic pupils but also their mental horizon will be broadened effectively as compared to sitting in the ambiance where average and quick performers sit together.

On the other hand, let us consider the cons of streaming. First and the foremost disadvantage is that this phenomenon can create discrimination among children especially the children from poorer section of the society. Due to the reason that students from wealthier section tend to receive more financial support from their parents for extra tuition or training in comparison to the children from poorer families who may receive less financial support from their families in order to ameliorate their academic performances. Secondly, grouping by abilities may have negative impact on the self-esteem of students. In other words, children do not want to be seen as less intelligent than others. Thus, dividing them as per their learning ability might paves the way for decreasing the morale of slow learners.

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