1.   Well I’d like to start by saying that gifts are the token of love and affection. They help to express our feelings and emotions.

2.   I’ve received and exchanged number of gifts in my life so far.

3.   And here I want to talk about one of the times when it took me long time to choose a gift.

4.   Taking a trip back in the gardens of my memory lane, I can recall that it was a few months ago when a new family migrated to our neighborhood.

5.   They invited my family and other families in the neighborhood for celebrating 10th birthday of their youngest son __NAME__... (Aditya)

6.   My mother gave me the responsibility of purchasing a suitable and decent gift for him.

7.   So, I went to the market and started to quest for a suitable gift for Aditya.

8. Honestly speaking, it was quite hard nut to crack for me to find a suitable gift for him since I didn’t know his likes or dislikes.

9.   paid a visit to the market three times and explored all the shops but still I couldn’t find any heart touching gift for him.

10. However, on the fourth visit, an eye-catching toy car caught my attention in a toy store and I immediately asked the shopkeeper about the features of the toy car.

11. It was a miniature of a racing car. In fact, it was the replica of Ferrari.

12. It had shinning and beautiful red color body. What I meant to say is the wheels were stunning and it had a detachable roof, fancy horns and a spare wheel on the back.

13. (OPTIONAL) Moreover, it came with all the accessories like tracks, express ways, petrol booths etc.

14. (OPTIONAL) It also had a rechargeable battery and a radio remote control.

15.  I thought it was the best gift for Aditya. I purchased it and the shopkeeper wrapped it in fascinating and beautiful gift cover.

16. After the completion of cake cutting ceremony, I handed over the gift to Aditya.

17. When he opened it, his happiness knew no bounds. I mean, he was feeling on the top of the world.

18. By watching him over the moon, I felt delighted.

19. My mother appreciated my decision of purchasing that toy car as a gift for him.

20. While relishing scrumptious cuisines, we discussed the happenings from all walks of our life.

21. That event made our bonding better and stronger.

22. All in all, although it was not a piece of cake to find a suitable gift for Aditya, by watching his happiness after receiving that toy car made me feel on seventh heaven.

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