1.   I’d like to start by saying that parks are the lungs of the city.

2.   They enhance the beauty of the place as well as they help people to stay as healthy as a horse.

3.   As I’m a nature loving person so I’ve paid a visit to number of parks in my life so far.

4.   And here I’d like to talk about one of the fascinating and beautiful parks I’ve visited and a flying visit there left indelible imprints on my mind, heart and soul.

5.   It was Atal Park __(CHANGE ACCORDINGLY)__which is situated in the heart of Chandigarh city __(CHANGE ACCORDINGLY)__.

6.   I paid a visit there last month with my kith and kin.

7.   We visited there in order to let our hair down and to get a break from hassle of the life.

8.   Now, talking about the reasons why I liked that park.

9.   First of all, there were different color of flowers surrounded with lush greenery which were looking spell bounding to be honest.

10.  Secondly, dustbins were available in every nook and corner of the park in order to keep it spic and span.

11.  Apart from that, the seating arrangement was in apple pie order where people could sit and relax properly.

12.  Another reason why I think that park is beautiful is that there was a pond in the middle of the park.

13. In the evening, the reflection of sky in the water of the pond creates a dazzling/soothing effect on my heart, mind and soul.

14. I mean, it was really a treat to watch.

15. Um... what else I can say... oh yes... there were different sections especially for children.

16.  There were different colors of swings to attract the children.

17. Moreover, the walls were painted with beautiful colors and messages were written to aware people.

18. Also, separate jogging and running tracks were available.

19. I spent great and quality time with my near and dear ones.

20. All in all, I enjoyed a lot and paying a visit there gave me an escape from the hassle of the life and I’d like to go there again down the road

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