1.   I’d like to start by saying that in order for the society to function properly, every job has its own importance.

2.   There are few jobs which are considered to be pivotal such as the job of a doctor, job of a scientist, job of a teacher as well.

3.   But here I’ve chosen to talk about the job of a soldier especially my uncle who’s an army officer.

4.   Now talking about my uncle, he’s in his 50s and he has been serving the country for the last thirty years.

5.   I think, he was around 22 when he joined the Indian army and he started from a very lower rank but now he’s at the very high position.

6.   Believe me, he’s the source of my inspiration because I know how much laborious and diligent he is.

7.   One of the best qualities is that he is quite disciplined. Whenever he comes to our home, he wakes up around 4:00 am every morning and goes for running.

8.   That’s the reason why although he’s in his 50s, he looks like he’s younger than his age.

9.   The biggest reason why I think their job is most important is that they sacrifice a lot for their nation.

10.  I mean, they live far away from their families and when the whole country is celebrating festivals with pomp and show, they are out there on the border to protect our country.

11. In my opinion, that’s a big sacrifice.

12. Sometimes some of the soldiers lose their life to keep the masses safe.

13. What else… oh yes… it is a common fact that the job of an army officer is not easy. Sometimes they have to live at extreme weather conditions and temperatures.

14. Not only this, they also have to put themselves through a lot of grind of daily disciplined practices and training.

15. Considering all these factors, I believe that army officer’s job is imperative for the society and I’m proud that I’m a nephew of an army officer.

16. I genuinely respect each and every soldier of my country from the bottom of my heart and I think, everyone should salute them and give them respect what they deserve. Thank you.


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