1. Well I’d like to start by saying that I know many of the extraordinary personalities.
2. Here I’d like to talk about an extraordinary person who is none other than my English teacher.
3. His name is Mr. Baldhir Singh (change accordingly).
4. I became his student in 9th standard.

5. There are number of reasons why I admire Mr. Singh and why I reckon he’s extremely brilliant in his work.

6. First of all, he is the master of his craft.
7. He has done post-graduation and PhD in English from renowned universities of India. Even now, he has the quality of voracious reader and he keeps learning about his craft.
8. Secondly, he is quite down to earth person.Though he is the most intellectual person I’ve ever met,
the success has not gone to his head.
9. In other words, he is not egoistic about his qualifications and knowledge. In fact, he is quite curious to learn something new.
10. In addition, he is above board and gem of a person. 

11. His teaching style, thirdly, is incredible.
12. I mean, he teaches his students in very interesting way.
13. Even he makes a difficult chapter seems interesting and easy.
14. Furthermore, he strikes an appropriate balance between firmness and friendliness which isolates him from other teachers.

15. No one can feel mundane during his sessions.
16. What else... oh yes... he is an agony aunt as he has the solution for every difficult situation.
17. I personally, for example, consult him whenever I need the solution of any problem.

18. All in all, I’m proud of the fact that I’ve studied under his supervision. May God bless him.
Thank you.

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